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Do I need to use a special software or program to use MailFlex?
MailFlex can be used in conjunction with almost any CRM or Accounts Receivable software program. If you can export your billing file and send it to us, we can process it for you.
How much does it cost to send a file via MailFlex?
Your costs will be determined based on the average number of pieces you send each month. We recommend checking out our interactive Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator Tool to help determine what your current process is costing you in regards to time and money, and then to “Contact Us” to see what you could be saving.
Can I send my customers their statements / invoices via Email?
Yes, we provide Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) services to meet the needs of you or your customers. Please visit our Online Services section for more details.
When will my file be mailed out?
Under normal circumstances, all files received prior to 3:00pm CST will be processed, printed, and sent to the USPS the next business day.
How do I get my file to MailFlex?
There are 3 options to submit your file to MailFlex; via Email, FTP, or HTTP upload. MailFlex will work directly with you to determine which option is best for your situation.
Will I be able to access past file submissions I have sent to MailFlex?
Yes, MailFlex will store all of your file submissions for at least 12 months under your account on the website for easy access.
Will I be able to review my file prior to it being printed and mailed?
Yes, if you would like to review your file you can have the ability to review, edit, and then approve your file before it is printed and mailed via your account on the website.
I have customers that I do not want to receive the statement right away or at all, can I still send those to MailFlex?
Yes, you can go online, search and select the customer(s), and then adjust them to be omitted from printing or to be a “No Mailer”. A “No Mailer” will be handled like a normal customer expect instead of putting postage on them and mailing them directly to your customer, we would return them to you for internal handling.
Can I include promotional materials / insert with my customer bills?
Absolutely! There is no better time to market to your current customers than when they receive their bill. Whether your inserts are a small flyer or a multi-page newsletter, you can send them via MailFlex. Please see the Marketing Services section for more details.
What will our customer statements look like?
We are able to customize your customer statements/invoices to meet your expectations. And while situations vary the general process to create your customized forms is a 4-step process listed below. Please visit our Statement Services section for more details and some examples.
• Send us a sample of your current statements (blank and printed forms).
• Let us know of any desired changes to your current statement layout.
• Send us actual statement data using one of our secure transmission methods.
• We will then create the desired appearance of your forms according to the specifications you provide and generate a proof for your approval. Upon approval from you, we are ready to go live.
How long will it take to get our account set up to use MailFlex?
It can take as little as 1 week to get an account set up to use MailFlex. However, since MailFlex can be used in conjunction with nearly any CRM or Accounts Receivable software program, the set up process does vary. We would work directly with you to determine the best option for your set up.
Is MailFlex integrated with any CRM or Account Receivable software programs?
Yes, currently MailFlex is directly integrated with WaterFlex® from Nevada Computer Center.
How often can I send a file to MailFlex?
You can send a file to MailFlex as often as you would like. While most of our customers send us 1 file each month, we do have customers who send us 1 file every day as well as customers who only send us 1 file every 3 months. Every business is different and we understand that and will work with you to determine what is best for you.
Once my account is set up, who do I contact for support with MailFlex?
If you have any questions, concerns, or issues regarding MailFlex, please visit our “Contact Us” section for the various methods in which we can be reached.

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