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Return On Investment Calculator

STOP spending your staff hours printing and folding statements and invoices, stuffing envelopes, or standing in line at the Post Office. Let our professional printing and mailing service do the work for you. Let your staff use their time to focus on other business generating tasks. Do you think it would be too expensive? Put us to the test and figure out what your current procedure is costing you in time and money then give us a call.

(*Note that all costs are per monthly billing averages. Also, total number of staff hours may include more than 1 person doing the work)


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Cost of your First Class Postage $0.49
Cost of two envelopes (send and return) + $0.08
Cost per Statements or Invoices form + $0.03
Total cost per invoice/statement $0.60
Number of monthly Statements/Invoices x 1000
Total cost for all Statements/Invoices $600.00
Cost of printer ink cartridge + $15.00
Total Printing Costs $615.00
Hourly rate of staff $9.00
Total number of staff hours spent processing billing x 12
Total of paid staff hours x $108.00
Total from above including printing costs + $585.00
Grand Total per Month $723.00
Divided by number of Statements/Invoices / 1000
Grand Total per Statement/Invoice $0.723

For the above example, we would process your invoices and statements for less than 62¢ each!


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