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Consumers have evolved and become more accustomed to a world of instant gratification and paperless billing. MailFlex offers you the ability to provide your customer the convenience of Electronic Bill Presentation and Payments (EBPP) via Online Statements with the ability to “Click & Pay”. Not only do Online Statements provide your customers with a convenient service, but they provide your company with additional benefits too. Some of the benefits your company will receive from using Online Statements include:

  • Reduced operating costs. Online Statements are cheaper to send compared to printing and mailing them.
  • Your customers will receive their bill sooner, and in most cases pay their bill sooner thus speeding up cash flow.
  • Your company will be helping the environment by “Going Green”.

Online Statements

  • Instead of your customers receiving their statements via a printed version in the mail, they would receive a plain text Email notification informing them that they have a new bill and providing them a website URL link to click in order to be taken to view it. The website URL link will then take them to a secured website where they will be required to log in in order to view their bill. If your company website allows for customers to access and view their bills on it, the website URL within the customer Email can link them to your website instead. Contact Us today to learn more about how Online Statements would work for your company.

Online Payments

  • Once your customers access their secured account, they can be given the ability to make a payment either via a credit or debit card or via ACH checking. These options would be based on what your company accepts and would like to offer. Contact Us to discuss what options you would like to offer your customers.

HTML Email Notifications

  • Get the most out of our Online Statements service with HTML Email notifications. Customize the look and feel of the Email notifications that your customers receive by incorporating your company’s logo, colors, images, as well as linking them to your social networks. With HTML Email notifications, you will also be able to providing more details and text formatting than possible with a plain text email. Contact Us to discuss what benefits HTML Email notifications can provide to your company as well as what your customer Emails could look like.

Contact Us today to learn about all the benefits and advantages your company could receive from Online Statements.

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