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Other Services

MailFlex offers a multitude of additional services to meet your business needs. Below are just a few examples, please Contact Us to discuss other services that may be more specific to your company or industry.


Delinquent and Collection Letters

  • Life is hectic and busy and it never fails that some of your customers forget to pay their bills. So instead of using staff hours to try and contact customers, simply send them a Delinquent or Collection Letter via MailFlex. The letters can be customized to meet your company needs. Contact Us today to get additional information.


Service or Delivery Reminder Notifications

  • Are you providing your customers with reminder notifications for upcoming or recurring services or deliveries? How often are you sending these? Once a week, once a month, or perhaps even just once a year? Contact Us today to find out how MailFlex can help alleviate this process for you.


Customer Address Verification Service

  • When was the last time that you went through your customer database to ensure names and address were accurate? Over time customers, past and present, will move or have an address change. And if they don’t inform you of the change, that could delay or prevent your mail from getting to them. MailFlex can take your customer database and verify names and address using USPS-certified software to ensure accuracy. Contact Us today to get additional information.

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