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What is MailFlex?

MailFlex is an efficient and cost effective state of the art professional printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, and mailing service. MailFlex allows users to reduce their costs while also increasing productivity in the office by removing the in-house work associated with accounts receivable processing and mailing. MailFlex is compatible with nearly every CRM and Accounts Receivable software program available and has solutions for any office size.


MailFlex provides users with the ability to outsource their accounts receivable billing process, as well as the various additional tasks that go with it. This includes printing and mailing delinquent and collection letters to customers who are past due on paying their account. MailFlex can also provide solutions to advertising and marketing to both existing and prospective customers via statement inserts or direct mailing campaigns.


While technology advances, so does MailFlex. We are able to provide users with Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) services. With MailFlex your customers can receive Online Statements via Email notifications.


MailFlex is a leader in specialized billing for customers within the bottled water and water conditioning service and delivery industry. However MailFlex is ideal for any company that sends customer statements or invoices on a recurring or an as need basis; including companies within the Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Utility, Municipal, Sanitation, Local or State Government, and many other various service or delivery industries.

Why MailFlex?

We have found that businesses can spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days each month processing their accounts receivables. This process can include everything from printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, and mailing items such as statements, invoices, delinquent and collection notifications, as well as marketing campaigns.

With MailFlex, we do all the work for you so you and your staff can focus on other business generating tasks. In addition to the time you will be saving, MailFlex offers competitive pricing to save you money.

MailFlex is a viable solution for everyone from a small home office style business, all the way up to a multi-branch corporation spread across the country.

Contact Us today to get more details about how MailFlex can help you and your company.